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Zuzi M villa

Luxury and romance in Fira, villa ZuziM is located just a few minutes from the famous capital city of Santorini. ZuziM villa is enhanced through exclusive details, privacy for its guests and a breathtaking view.Heart of Santorini is a haven of exclusive privacy, comfort and luxury, local beauty and a passion for perfection, a small piece of the Cycladic architecture and uniquely beautiful, ZuziM villa offers unmatched accommodation.

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White Villa

Stepping through the doors of White villa into the rays of the Aegean sun and the expansive veranda on the Santorini caldera's rim. You enter into a world of refinement where the neo-classical details of this Cyclades complex redefine indulgence and comfort. Breathtaking panoramic views of the mysterious caldera, the sleeping volcano, and the endless blue of Aegean sea.

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Mikella Villa

Mikaella villa, the brand new jewel of Heart of Santorini is perched atop the most stunning volcanic cliffs of Santorini. Discover the Mikella villa of amazing Akrotiri village in Santorini! Breathtaking panoramic views of the fantastic and unique Caldera, the volcano and the endless blue Aegean sea. The Mikella villa welcomes its eclectic guests to indulge in refined elegance in a world of awesome beauty. In a cozy and elegant place of unsurpassed comfort, the luxuriously Mikaella Villa offers a delightful holiday home surrounded by Santorini’s most fascinating scenery.

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